ISAWILL & Charity


We at ISAWILL solemnly believe in giving back to the society. We endeavor to become the most trusted online market place in world by ensuring implementation of the best practices in every area, including our charitable initiatives.

Our Beliefs and Values

We do not believe in sustainability of growth that stems from reinvesting in our own self. We do not believe in being aloof from our corporate social responsibility. For us, societal betterment happens when even the smallest entities play an active role towards it. This is why we have a proper system to ensure that we are contributing a fair share to the cumulative growth and improvement of our community.

Our Promise

Every penny matters and to some it can matter a bit more!

At ISAWILL,25% of everything we make is donated to different charitable organizations each month. You can contribute to a cause while enjoying products and services you need.

Too good to be true?

Don’t worry we’ll update each activity every month online.

Let us help you and together we can help the community. Get in touch to learn more about the organizations we donate to and support.